Recover, Rebuild, Return: Do It The Right Way

We focus on finding the root cause of the issue, to help you resolve it and reach your goals faster.

No Sidelines, Only Victories

Whether you are looking to figure out the diagnosis for a nagging injury, or need advice and guidance to progress back to your sport after time away, or are looking for experienced rehab professionals to resolve an issue, we have the services to help you achieve your goals.

Help! I just got hurt!

Sport Medicine Doctors
Our sport medicine doctors can help clarify the extent of the injury and timeline for recovery to start your journey to better.

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Our experienced physiotherapists are able to provide acute care and management of any issue. Early intervention and guidance is the key to getting you better quickly and efficiently.

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Help! I am not getting better!

Sport Medicine Doctors
Our sport medicine doctors can help clarify the diagnosis, contributing factors, and provide comprehensive treatment options to ensure you get better and stay strong.

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The unrivaled expertise of our physiotherapists can provide a fresh look and rehabilitation approach to help you reach your goals.

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Massage therapy
Our sport-specific massage therapists can help with tissue release to augment any treatment plan and get you past your plateau.

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Help! I want to improve my performance!

Physiotherapy Biomechanical Assessment
Feel like you keep getting injured easily? Let our team of sports physiotherapists analyze your biomechanics to identify risk areas for injury and improve your overall performance.

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Physiotherapy Running Gait Assessment
Looking to improve your finish time? Have our experienced physiotherapists evaluate your gait to improve efficiency and prevent injury.

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Massage therapy
Are tight muscles limiting your training progress? Let our sport-specific massage therapists release the tissue tension to get your muscles responding again!

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The Next Level

Have you ever wished you could have a team of medical staff supporting you in sport like the pros do? Well now you can with our revolutionary Integrated Sport and Performance (ISP) programs for athletes of all ages and stages!

Professionals with a proven track record of success

Every clinician at The Sports Health Experts has extensive experience in sport medicine and orthopedics earning us the reputation for excellent care and positive patient outcomes.

With sport medicine doctors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists working as a team to address your specific needs and goals, we are the preferred choice.

There is no better healthcare team around than Dr Julia Hamilton and Shannon Andersen PT for any MSK issue.

Not only are they accessible but they are the ultimate experts-extremely knowledgeable and always able to provide helpful care that leads to recovery.  Plus, they offer their help with care and compassion. The many friends and family members who I have sent to Julia and Shannon would also agree! 

Ariel D.

Julia and Shannon have been instrumental in helping our family of professional and competitive athletes for 20 years. They also find time to see the countless referrals we have made to them. We trust them 100%.

James and Stephanie H.

My family and I have been exclusively treated by both Shannon and Jenna for almost 20 years. They both have an outstanding level of knowledge of the human body and a strong understanding of how to treat both acute and chronic pain. They have additional expertise in specific treatment modalities beyond that of your average physiotherapist (ie., hands on manipulative therapy), making them a trusted source for any physiotherapy-related need. Beyond their incredible skill-sets, they both take an extremely kind, compassionate approach to care, ensuring my family and I feel heard and supported. We would highly recommend both Shannon and Jenna to any person looking for a physiotherapist.

Lorraine B

Experience Matters: Let our game elevate yours

The Sports Health Experts are committed to providing customized tailored solutions for you to ensure success in achieving your goals.

We aim to elevate your recovery experience through collaboration, communication and an unwavering commitment to excellence in your care.

We provide all the latest cutting-edge treatment options within our elegant and inviting clinical space so that you need not look further for the solutions you seek.


We are a cashless clinic.
Our clinic does not accept WSIB or MVA claims.

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