Integrated sport performance programs

The next level in sports medicine care involves prevention, immediate injury assessment, treatment, and guidance when you need it most.

Get the help you need when you need it

Our integrated sport performance programs were created to provide you with the next level of care.

  • No more frustration waiting weeks to have an acute injury assessed
  • Avoid uncertainty about whether or not you should play
  • Return to sport faster by getting the right treatment started immediately
  • Address problems before they become an injury

Integrated Support Team

Imagine having the same team of medical staff providing support for your competitive or recreational sports team that the pros do so when an injury happens you get the same immediate action to address it. Our team ISP support programs provide exactly that so there are fewer athletes on the sidelines, improving overall team results.

Consulting Services

For sports organizations looking to educate and inform coaches, parents, and performance staff with educational sessions on topics such as injury prevention, training periodization and goals for off season versus in season, concussion on field assessment and management, or other topics related to sport injury prevention or management. Please contact us to discuss our consulting options to arrange a presentation tailored to your needs.

As an active person who participates in a number of sports, I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Julia Hamilton, and Shannon Andersen on my “team“ to help me overcome a number of injuries. They always make me feel like an elite athlete whom they are trying to get back to optimal performance. Over the 10+ years they have been treating me, my recovery has been excellent.


Karen S

Julia and Shannon have been instrumental in helping our family of professional and competitive athletes for 20 years. They also find time to see the countless referrals we have made to them. We trust them 100%.

James and Stephanie H.

There is no better healthcare team around than Dr Julia Hamilton and Shannon Andersen PT for any MSK issue.   

Not only are they accessible but they are the ultimate experts – extremely knowledgeable and always able to provide helpful care that leads to recovery.  Plus, they offer their help with care and compassion. The many friends and family members who I have sent to Julia and Shannon would also agree! 

Ariel D.

Individual Performance Plan Options


For those experiencing persistent aches and pain or who feel they get injured easily. Our complete biomechanical assessments will identify areas for improvement in your muscle balance, posture, and mobility.


For those looking to minimize the risk of injury as they start or return to a sport or activity. Our pre-participation evaluations identify risk factors and provide training plan guidance on how to resolve them.


For recreational and competitive athletes that want access to the same level of care as the pros. Our preseason evaluations and ongoing support throughout the season will address concerns quickly as they arise. Available for individuals and families.


For any active individual, or athlete, wanting immediate access to assessment and treatment in the event of an issue or injury. Our team will provide close support and guidance during recovery and return to sport. Available for individuals and families.

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